Kids' Lunch Box Ideas by @mommycristinaknows

School’s back and we need kids' lunch box ideas! 

I’ve got you packed…

When it comes to prepping lunchbox meal ideas for our children, what should come to mind is “easy, healthy, fun, colourful, and exciting food” to make this experience not only nourishing for our children but enjoyable as well. 

I’m a foodie and if you don’t know me at all, I’m by no means a professional chef however I’m so passionate about food or all kinds, healthy choices, love beautiful or fun presentations which touch my artistic side and when I put all that together I think of what I can create for my children to enjoy, especially when they are away from home (school) and away from mommy! 

When our children open their lunch boxes they should be excited about the food they are going to eat and the best way to do that can be with bite size pieces, colourful foods, little fun tools to incorporate such as fun picks, spoons/forks, napkins, fun shapes, stickers, little notes and the list can go on. 

Here are five lunchbox ideas for your littles you can try; our lunch boxes comprise of four compartments with a little slot on the side, so here are five suggestions below: 


Veg: cherry tomatoes and cucumber 

Meal: whole wheat pinwheel wrap with Turkey, sliced cheese, mayo and spinach 

Fruit: blueberries 

Dessert: soft baked mini cookies, chocolate/banana by ‘made good’ 


Veg: red/green pepper slices with a side of hummus 

Meal: tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread 

Fruit: Clementine and green grapes 

Dessert: Made Good granola bites minis strawberry 


Veg: cucumber stars, baby carrots and celery combo with side of tzatziki 

Meal: one hard boiled egg with a side of baby bell cheese 

Fruit: Watermelon cubes 

Dessert: Organic cereal bar berry pomegranate 


Veg: orange bell pepper slices with side of guacamole 

Meal: Quesadilla with side of salsa

Fruit: pineapple cubes 

4th slot: Nachos 

extra slot optional: organic Lollipop by yum earth 



Veg: carrot/cucumber  

Meal: broccoli pizza on whole wheat English muffin   

Fruit: Strawberries 

Dessert: Apple cinnamon granola minis (by made good)

Extra: it’s Friday - little kinder mini  

You know your child’s appetite and what quantities would be appropriate. Portions can be a little less if incorporating variety. We don’t want to overwhelm them either by having too much food. 

The beginning of the school year will be an adjustment for kids and for parents as well. Work together with your kids after the first week to discover what they really liked, would want more or less of or even possible lunch themes. Sure, lunchbox planning can totally be fun too! 

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Written by Cristina, the founder of @mommycristinaknows.


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