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Bye-bye, summer! Hello, colourful and crispy fall 🍁

Changing of season is an inevitable natural condition that is better accepted and enjoyed fully.  We kinda hope winter will skip this year and it'll snow only for one special day,  Christmas day😉 Nope, the winter is around the corner, it'll be snowy and long! The wisest thing we can do today is restock our winterish goodies and be ready to cherish every moment of our lives 💖

This year we've selected a few eco-friendly products proudly made in Canada. They can make the approaching colder and greyer days more bearable for you or a loved one.

#1 Lotion Bar by SOOP bags 

 Lotion bar by SOOP bags

It’s a solid lotion bar for hands and body that provides all the nourishing and moisturizing qualities for your skin without the nasty chemicals and plastic packaging that is commonplace in the market. The paper pushup tube is biodegradable and compostable once the lotion bar is used up. 

GOOD TO KNOW:  Kokum, babassu, baobab & shea butters are very moisturizing; they help to smooth and soften the skin. Beeswax creates a moisture barrier to prevent transepidermal water loss and locks moisture in.  The best way to use the lotion bar is to rub it onto your skin and then massage until absorbed. The lotion bars are generally non-greasy for most skin types. Some individuals may experience an oily feel on the skin for a few minutes as the natural oils are absorbed. It’s recommended to store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Product will soften and melt when exposed to heat. We offer various scents: Lavender Fields, Spiced Grapefruit, Ginger Lime. 
100% natural,  biodegradable, plastic-free packaging, made in Canada in small batches, great on the go, good for you and the planet Earth.
What we like about the brandWoman-owned small business with the main focus on reducing all types of plastic waste, especially single-use plastics, and to find eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to everyday products that typically have impossible-to-recycle plastic packaging. SOOP body care products were created with this in mind.

Rebecca Hudson founded this company in early 2018 after quitting a 20-year career in the corporate world. What started with a focus on replacing single-use plastic bags blossomed into a broader scale, zero waste shop SOOP bags (Save Our Oceans from Plastic). 

#2 Soap bar Yuletide by Blooming Wild Botanicals

Yuletide Soap bar by Blooming Wild Botanicals

The limited edition of this fresh enlivening bar has a wintery wonderland appearance with a sprinkle of Canadian pink salt for a shimmer. Features organic fair trade shea butter for a beautiful rich lather, botanical extracts and essential oils. 

GOOD TO KNOW: 100% natural ingredients - ZERO Synthetics, cruelty-free, sustainably produced, paper wrapper and  twine package, good for you and the planet Earth, handmade in New Brunswick (Canada) in small batches.  
What we like about the brand: Sustainable small business with a fascinating story behind. The founders of Blooming Wild Botanicals, Ryan and Charlotte Walker, seeking a simpler existence, were drawn to the rural lifestyle. As inexperienced homesteaders, they learned to grow plants, herbs and flowers, and practiced skills like soap making, foraging, plant drying and natural healing. Years of years of learning led as a result to the wide variety of products made with love and care of the founders. 
#3 Tega Tea by Nu-Tea company 
Tega tea by Nu-Tea company

Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world, contains powerful antioxidants and health promoting properties. Tega Tea's unique tea boxes are bringing awareness to the plight of wild animals in Africa.

GOOD TO KNOW: Tega Tea is an award-winning Canadian tea brand with unique great tasting blends, woman owned family business, organic and fairtrade certified, plastic-free tea bags, compostable packaging, wildlife support, good for you and the planet Earth, crafted and packaged in British Columbia (Canada) in small batches. We offer various flavors: Ice Wine with Maple (white tea), Blueberry with Lavender (black tea), Earl Grey Rooibos (herbal tea). 
What we like about the brandThe story of Tega Tea is a love story. Liz Bandelin, the president of Nu-Tea company, grew up in South Africa, and there she met the love of her life. Together they moved to Canada where a new adventure began. Quitting the corporate world, Liz  followed her dream of starting her own business of uniting her love of tea, Africa and making a difference for endangered wildlife. Today Tega Tea has become a successful local B.C. family business in Mission (Canada), making a difference in the tea communities and helping endangered species in Africa thrive. 
Take a long relaxing bath with the Yuletide bar soap, put on a layer of rich natural the Soop lotion bar and prepare a delicious cup of the Tega tea for yourself. So warm and cozy, relaxing and refreshing... grey colder days will transform into wintery wonderland with these products.
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With love and respect,

Katia (Shakti) ❤️


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