Winter Self Care Essentials❄️🥰

"Winter is coming" - ...oh no, it's been already arrived in its full beauty ❄️☃️🥶

During cold winter months it’s very important to reevaluate your skin routine and add extra love and care to it. No reason to end up with chapped lips, cracked skin on hands and feet, dry and itchy body skin when there's such a broad spectrum of natural products on the market. Check out our absolutely favorite winter self care essentials, all made in Canada by trusted small-batch businesses.  

❄️Hands and Foot Care by SOOP bags

Natural Lotion BarSolid lotion bar for hands and body that provides all the nourishing and moisturizing qualities for your skin without the nasty chemicals and plastic packaging that is commonplace in the market. The paper pushup tube is biodegradable and compostable once the lotion bar is used up.  

SOOP Foot Balm Lemongrass natural foot balm is made from 100% natural ingredients wonderfully moisturizing for stressed, dry and cracked skin. Bring your feet back to life with this natural balm containing shea butter, sunflower and coconut oils, as well as lemongrass, lavender and peppermint essential oils. Peppermint essential oil has natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are beneficial for feet in particular.

❄️Lip Care by SOOP bags, Fersk Self Care, Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods 

Natural Lip care These natural lip balms (Natural Lip Balm by SOOP bags, Lavender & Coconut Lip Relief by Fersk Self Care, Rose & Lavender Organic Lip Butter by Sage&Thustle Handmade Goods) are made from a nourishing blend of organic plant oils and butters, infused with soothing herbs to keep your lips moisturized in all conditions. It's the perfect companion for dry lips that's wrapped in 100% biodegradable packaging.

Lip scrub Fersk Self Care Lip scrubs by Fersk Self Care are formulated to gently clear away dead skin-cells, leaving you with smooth and soft lips. All lip scrubs contain an organic sugar crystal base with vitamin e oil, coconut oil, and carefully infused with essential oils.

❄️Body Care by Fersk Self Care, Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods, Blooming Wild Botanicals 

Bath Melts Fersk Self Care Prepare for a relaxing experience with fresh yet relaxing and blissful scents of hand poured bath melts by Fersk Self Care. They subtly melt in a tub releasing butters, essential oils, botanical herbs and flowers leaving your skin fresh, nourished and revived. 

Rose Geranium Whipped Body ButterRose Geranium Whipped Body Balm by Sage & Thistle Handmade Goods is the perfect addition to your post-bathing self care ritual. Whipped in small batches to a lightweight and velvety consistency which absorbs quickly into the skin's upper layers without leaving a greasy residue. 

Body Oil Elexir Blooming Wild Botanicals Summer Nights Body Oil Elixir by Blooming Wild Botanicals is a top-to-toe spa elixir for skin, hair and nails. Botanical aromas deliver mood enhancing bliss and therapeutic benefits while incredibly nourishing plant oils loaded with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals work to brighten, and soften your skin.

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