Holiday Serenity Guide: 10 advices to stay sane and enjoy special moments with loved ones!

Advice #1 Make a list of giftees.  

Remember it isn't about the value of a present, it's about authenticity. Think about a person you want to give a gift to, try to channel what they want and need. Be creative, make something with your hands, support local shops and keep a receipt in case of wrong-channeling. 

Advice #2 Make a grocery list for a special lunch/dinner.

Or order food in your favorite local restaurant. Remember too many choices is a result of overeating. Keep it simple, healthy and don't forget to include one veggie option.

Advice #3 Start buying presents NOW.

Waiting till the last day is not worth it. All these long lines, overcrowded shops, delayed deliveries or sold out items. No, THANK YOU! 

Advice #4 Once the gift is arrived, wrap it up.

The holiday wrapper paper gives the impression that you really took your time and made it even more special. And in case someone in your household accidentally finds it, won't be able to know exactly what is inside.

Advice #5 Hide the presents from your kids and house members.

You don't want to explain to them that Mr.Santa dropped it a bit early this year.

Advice #6 Take it easy and don't forget to give some TLC (tender loving care) to yourself.

Meditation, relaxation baths, hairsalon, massage... it's just the beginning of your self-care priority list.

Advice #7 Tell people what you need.

Ask for help. Delegate the project into small ones.  People can't read your mind (at least not yet). Sure with help of a few elves work will be done faster or not. 

Advice #8 Me-time, only!

Connection with yourself means better relationships within and outside. Start your day with a simple question: How do I want to feel today? Give a high five to yourself or a smile to your reflection in the mirror, read a book, have a nap, go for nature walk...whatever makes you happy and recharged! 

Advice #9 Let go of perfectionism.

It will take pressure from you to do everything on time, the best and not forget anything. Enjoy the process of creating instead of focusing on the result.

Advice #10 Once all the chores are done, it's time to celebrate!

It's a special time to share joy, love and gratitude for gathering together around the table with a warm meal. Being able to hug each other this year. Relive the moment of an excitment while unwrapping the present(s) from your family and friends. 

Holidays are not about presents and overeating. It's unforgettable memories of connection with loved ones, feeling safe and loved and being able just-to-be yourself whatever it means to you! 

Leave a comment below what helps you to stay sane during the overwhelming holiday prep. 

Eco Local Vibes wish you Joyful Holidays! Love, peace and health to you and your family in the New year 💖🎄🎇

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