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Our Mission


sleep well gift box

We believe every woman deserves to spoil herself with self-care products which don't cost a fortune and at the same time are eco-friendly.

That is exactly what Eco Local Vibes Gift Box stands for. 

In our brand name, the More represents a community of people like us and you who care about the impact of our actions and taking power in their hands to consciously support local businesses, small brands and talented artisans.

We’re on the mission to bring more value and deeper meaning to everyday shopping. Through our curated gift boxes we aim to connect ethical businesses with customers who are actively searching for ways to give back to their community!

We strongly believe that human beings are empowered by their Community. Our community is our driving force, it’s our main source of inspiration. We believe our success is directly correlated to how many lives we’ve been able to touch in a genuine way, how many smiles and warm words we’ve got back - at the end of day it’s all that matters. We stand by our community and we feel grateful for your support! 

Together we can make a difference in this world by choosing what feels right for our community and the planet Earth.

Join us on our journey for better today.