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Holistic Lifestyle Tips for Happy and Healthy Life 🌿🥑🍑 by Shraddha Patel

This COVID-19 era has made drastic changes to our lifestyle and has adversely affected our physical and mental health. Be it fear of getting infected with the virus, losing a family member or the stress of loss in business or job due to lockdown, it’s been a difficult time for all of us.

As they say every situation can be turned to your favor or otherwise…it depends on how you take it. So, while many people have had a tough time coping up with the situation, some people have turned this tough situation in their favor by adopting a better lifestyle, a more holistic lifestyle.

A holistic lifestyle can greatly help attain a better mental balance and healthy body. Let’s understand holistic lifestyle into a bit more detail and why it is relevant for all of us in these times?

Understanding Holistic Living

Firstly, what does holistic living mean? Holistic Living refers to a lifestyle to create a stress-free mind, a disease free and healthy-vibrant body. Holistic Living involves adopting and incorporating the right diet, yoga and mindfulness practices into our daily life. With a holistic lifestyle, every individual can create a happy state of the mind & healthy disease-free body.  

Holistic Living improves both, physical and mental balance and thus giving your body & mind much-needed relief.

How to Start Living a Holistic Life?

Now when you know the meaning of holistic living, let’s know how do you live a holistic life?

  1. Live in the Moment: Not worrying about the past or future, and just focusing on the present is the most important aspect of living a holistic life.
    Practicing mindfulness not only helps you to stay focused on your present but also gives your mind relief from the unnecessary stress of the past & future. Thus, the first rule of living a holistic life; live in the moment. And this can be achieved with mindfulness or meditation practices.

  2. Eat Clean & Healthy Food: Those burgers and fries might be tempting you now, but they are bringing a bundle of calories/diseases and an unhealthy lifestyle alongside them. Make eating clean a habit by switching to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet. Try to eat fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts & seeds. Avoid animal products like milk, cheese, yogurt, meat etc. Restrict processed & canned food, packed foods which are loaded with preservatives. Homemade food beats the outside food any day and any time. Eating clean & healthy food will keep the body healthy. And with a healthy body, the mind remains calm & centered. Get delicious plant-based recipes -

  3. Identify & Appreciate the Powers of your Body: Most people have sedentary lifestyles so it becomes very important to exercise regularly to keep the body fit. Incorporating Yoga and walking in nature are the best ways to keep the body fit. Also taking sun & air baths are equally important to keep the body fit & working optimally.

  4. Learn to Forgive & Move On: Having differences in opinions is not uncommon at all. But, it’s essential that you don’t allow these differences to take a toll on your mind. Apologizing is the hardest thing to do. If someone is apologizing to you for his/her mistake, learn to forgive it in one go and move on. After all, why would you give your brain an unnecessary exercise by getting stuck on one thing? If you feel that someone shouldn’t be a part of your life anymore, just move on from that person. The world is full of good people. Keeping negative energy and vibes around you will only make things difficult for you.

  5. Love your Life & Respect Everyone: Life is a roller-coaster ride. One day amazing things happen to you, and the other day bad luck follows you. Either way, ensure that no matter what, you keep on loving your life.
    Respect & Love people around you. Everyone is going through something. A little bit of your kindness can give them hope and add some sparkle to their life.

  6. Take Some Time to Grow: People have a tendency to worry about multiple things at once. However, this practice is not beneficial for our mental health at all. To live a Holistic life, you need to change yourself a bit. Give yourself time and room to grow.  Ensure that you focus on one thing at a time rather than keeping too many items on your plate. Dealing with many things only works to increase stress and compromises the quality of your life.

  7. Meditate Everyday: Meditation comes with an amazing ability to enhance your life quality to a considerable extent. You can practice meditation for 30-40 minutes a day. To meditate, just sit down, and watch your breath or use sounds for e.g. do OM chanting or humming. This will help relax your mind. If this sounds difficult for you, go for 10 min. jog, exhaust the body a bit and then meditate. Click here to join meditation session -

  8. Keep Body Active: It’s necessary to keep your body moving. Even if your job demands you to sit at a place, try to make frequent movements and keep your body active. Try going for a morning walk to ensure that you start your day on a positive note. Your morning walk will also allow you to focus more on your work, another major benefit. If time permits, also go for a short evening walk so you can vent out your mind a bit.

Importance of Holistic Living

Without a holistic lifestyle, it is difficult to avoid stress & diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. in our life.  A Holistic Life comes with an amazing ability to heal even some of the most serious & chronic diseases. Not just that! A holistic lifestyle helps create a happy state of the mind & a joyful & more fulfilling life.

Thus, if you are looking to boost your physical & mental health, and give your life an upgrade, turn to holistic living. Watch videos - 


Written by Shraddha Patel, the founder of @holisticplantbasedrecipes.

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