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Morning Rituals

A ritual is not the same thing as a routine when you do things without much thinking. It requires your presence to intentionally create a moment of connecting with yourself before a busy day starts. A ritual is grounding and helps to realize that the little things can enhance your day and far more your whole life.

Are you willing to find 10-20 minutes for your-precious-one and only-self? Let's explore together the variety of morning rituals! Some of them you're probably doing already and some will be new to explore. 

morning ritual day#1

Day #1: Meditation, journaling, have your phone off at least for the first 30 minutes and enjoy a nourishing breakfast. 

 morning ritual day#2

Day #2: Workout, shower with music or you can sing along, essential oil diffuser will help you to boost your mood, and a healthy smoothie to start your day! 

 morning ritual day#3

Day #3: Stretching your body while listening to relaxing/inspiring/lifting up music, slowly sipping a cup of tea while reading your favorite book. 

morning ritual day#4

Day #4: Yoga, slow enjoyment of your nourishing breakfast, self-care/makeup/making hair while listening to an inspiring podcast.

morning ritual day#5

Day #5: Nature walk, preparation of food with gratitude and love, a cup of coffee while writing down all things and people you're grateful for. 

morning ritual day#6

Day #6: Biking indoors/outdoors, fruit salad with a glass of lemon water, singing your favorite songs while dressing up.

morning ritual day#7

Day #7: Walking with a dog/neighbour/friend/alone, dancing like nobody's watching, relaxing bath with candles, painting or drawing whatever you feel like.


Leave us a comment below what is your morning ritual, what helps you to feel good and connected?

With love and respect,

Katia (Shakti) ❤️

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