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Self-love Mode❤️

We all can agree it's essential for our mental health to build loving and healthy relationships with ourselves. Self-love is a big part of this process. True self-love isn’t considered a selfish act at all, in fact, it's a synonym for selfishness. 
We're all different and it's normal that self-love can be something different for each of us. For me personally it’s finding a balance in everyday life, to be aware of my own needs and not feel guilty of telling my own truth even though knowing to disappoint others. 
I believe no matter what our life situation is, we have the ability to grow our self-love throughout our life.  What have helped me on my journey to self-love:

❤️Books for self-growing  
❤️Daily affirmations
❤️Gratitude journaling
❤️Group therapy/gatherings
❤️Motivational  podcasts
❤️Moving body: walking in nature, biking, jogging, dancing, swimming, workout 
❤️Nourishing home food 
❤️Time alone
❤️Appreciating myself by acknowledging small wins everyday 
❤️Treating myself with kindness (turn off the judgmental voice inside my head)
❤️Vacation with sun, sand, sea 
❤️Painting or drawing
❤️Good sleep
❤️Prioritizing my needs 
❤️Believing in myself and having my back every time!  

Here are some simple and powerful affirmations. You can choose one (or more) which resonates with your-state-of-being now. Write it on post-notes and keep them around in visible places (to remind who already you're!):

i am enough
i am strong
i am unique
i am loved
i am worthy
i am brave
i am wise

Sending you waves of love 🌊❤️✨ Be kind, loving and accepting to yourself and others around. 
Share with us below in the comments what helps you to grow your healthy self-love relationships. 
With love and respect,
Katia (Shakti) ❤️

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