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Kiddie Vacation😎🌊🩴💖

After two and half years of not traveling outside of Canada, any vacation will seem like "super-unreal-excitement". The tickets were bought 48 hours before the flight and the luggage was packed super fast. Kids were over the moon helping to pack their favorite books and outfits. The last minute shopping of the long sleeves swimming suits and a kid friendly non toxic sunscreen.   

Be sure you fill in all important forms online preor traveling - 24 hours before the flight (check websites for updated information of COVID tests etc.). It'll save you time at the airport. I always travel with a huge bag of healthy snacks for kids and thermos food jars with pasta (only one time I didn't take it, and my kids almost ate me alive!). Bottles of water aren't allowed for kids above 2 years, it was a big surprise for me. Another important item for my traveling is a small blanket, pair of socks to take out shoes and relax, maybe a neck pillow - works great for kids napping on the plane.

Don't forget some kids books, maybe UNO cards, coloring books or any other fun toys to play with.  And if you're planning to watch a movie or play games, don't forget your own headset/earpods (otherwise you’ll pay 3-5CAD on the plan). 

My kids aren't good swimmers, I always bring my own floaty arms or a swimming belt with arm bands, goggles and UV hats. You can always buy these items at your destination but quality could not be the best and overpriced. 

One of the essential items when you travel with kids can be the first aid kit with a few bandages, allergy or fever medication, some essential oils, mosquito non toxic spray, UV lip balm, after bite cream etc. 

Don't overdo the sun, especially on your first day, drink a lot of water, have a nap inside, not in the sun! Enjoy the sea, sand, sun and soak up every moment of playful kids energy. Believe me vacation with kids is tiring but worth it, all these joyful faces and the unforgettable memories💖✨💖

Share with us in the comments below your essential tips of traveling with kids. 

With love and respect,

Katia (Shakti), mom of two strong-willed girls 😉




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